Welcome to what is really a holding page.

We are sorry it's not more well appointed, but to be honest we like the direct approach, so even with time to spare it might not be so very different to what you see here.

We should explain a bit about ourselves: We are a pair of designers who live in the uncharted badlands that lie to the west of Taunton, Somerset.  What gets us up in the morning is the wakefulness of our apparently happy children, a house that would raise its eyebrows at being called 'half-finished', and a desire to make things look good and function well.

We are designers by training and over quite a few years we have worked on lots of stuff:

Graphic Design
Corporate Identity
Web Design
3D Models & Environments
Annual Reports
Corporate Publications

Right now we're looking for new and interesting challenges, and would like to consider good portfolio projects.

If you would like to have an informal chat about your project or design needs then please get in touch:

Phone: 01823 400180
Email: contact@jamesandjo.co.uk